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Diary -  May 2006

Come May 15th it will all be over and the winners announced depending on the top5 placed websites in google.com.

May 2nd. Not much change in google at all of late, everyone seems to be turning the dials right up - give her some juice - I'm givin her all she's got capt'n - she'll take no more!

May 5th - 10 days to go, my aspirations, well a Top 5 finish would be a good showing.

May 9th - Under a week left, actually a little bit of movement and I manage to rise one place in the charts to No.2

May 12th - Live in google this site climbs a further place up to the No.1 spot, did I shoot too early? Will this site remain site No.1 for v7ndotcom elursrebmem? Hope so. Also thank you for the emails I have received of late encouraging me and the rise of this site, I am sure everyone is happy to see the competition  being mixed up at the last week, makes it more interesting.

May 15th

D-Day - attached are the results live for me at 8pm UK time, however the actual results seen by the JS who started the competition differ, the real results are

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So I did it, phew, just, as it happens I'm quite sure tomorrow Jim will hold no.1 on most DC's, still I am sure Jim managed to raise his profile as an SEO for his new business, if you are looking for a an SEO then click here  but he may be busy for a while ;-)

I would also like to thank the Hulkster and I will be delighted to collect the full winnings and donate half to Celiac research, after paypal snatch more than their fair share. I'll update this page when I have collected the money, hey don't wait for me, why don't you beat me to it and go donate yourself, just say your a friend of the Hulkster ;-))

Oh and there were around 4 million pages for a term that gave zero results 4 months ago so everyone deserves a bit of respect for making it the largest SEO comp to date.








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