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Diary -  January 2006

17th January, no show in google for any results for many UK/European browsers however there are results showing up for US users of google, strange.

v7nelursrebmem.com for sale on Ebay I guess a lot of people seem to be making money out of this already by selling links & domains.

I decided seeing that there is a slim possibility of this site ranking well that I should think about what would happen to the proceeds and decided that I would split the $4000 between
The Incredible Hulk's choice of charity which DP Team support and the other half would go to a worthy local cause. That's not a charity scam or request for links or anything like that, I think most people could earn a lot more than the prize money if they concentrated their efforts on other things over the same timeline, so for me anyway this is for fun and not the $$'s I wouldn't mind the Ipod though, I am also on the lookout for computer furniture so the leftover prize money would be handy.

18th January
Results 1 - 10 of about 15,900 for v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Finally get to see some real results in google.com for the search term rather than checking future datacentres

Just checked google and its updated again 32000

Check out the stats for yesterday 17th!

Results 1 - 100 of about 107,000 for v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Yikes! 107,000 pages listed on one of the future datacentres, that is quite a jump.

19th January

231,000 Results on one of the datacentres, I guess it will be over a million by May then!



23rd January - Teknology
We are well over the half a million mark now for pages listed in google, pretty impressive and probably says as much about google as it does about the competition itself. Still in the top 5 with this domain and so far there has been no sandbox, some people think it may yet kick in but IMO the fact that the term was non existent and not competitive means the keyword domains should live on, if there were no results in google then there are no results to give the sandbox effect as all results are new so I don't think older domains will beat new domain in that regard, that is not to say the an older domain may not still win due to its ageing link structure and perceived trust.

Taggle Team are rocking now and building momentum, very formidable and interesting to watch. The hotel has slipped a bit.









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